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Incident Response Services

Incident Response Services

The PWSS is an independent, confidential service which offers timely support for people impacted by serious incidents or misconduct in the parliamentary workplace.

As outlined in the PWSS Privacy Policy, personal information will not be shared with other parties (including employers) without express consent.

Contact with the PWSS can be self-initiated, and can be anonymous. The PWSS can also reach out to people upon referral from their manager, a colleague, or another third party, and may reach out on its own initiative if it becomes aware of an incident.

Incident response supports can include:

  • Welfare checks
    An experienced Case Coordinator will contact impacted people to check they are okay, and offer a range of support options.
  • Debriefing
    An individual or structured group process to work through the psychological, emotional, behavioural and physical reactions to a serious incident or traumatic event.
  • Individual counselling
    One-on-one support and psychoeducation with an experienced Case Coordinator.
  • Referral
    With consent, the PWSS can make referrals to other services for specialist support.


The PWSS can assist you with your own wellbeing, or support you to help someone else. Our service provides independent and confidential support to all Commonwealth Parliamentary workplace participants. We build on what’s already working for you, and can help you find extra strategies to boost health and wellbeing.


This factsheet is also available as a downloadable resource:

Incident Response Services factsheet | PDF 109 KB