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Anonymous & Bystander Reporting Factsheet

Anonymous Reporting

There are several reasons why someone may choose to disclose their experience anonymously.

Some people may feel more comfortable disclosing their experience with the knowledge that their personally identifying information hasn’t been shared. Some people may want to come forward to share their experience of a serious incident, or workplace conflict that amounts to a work health and safety risk, not to resolve their own experience, but to help others who may have a similar experience.

The Parliamentary Workplace Support Service (PWSS) helps to support higher standards in the Commonwealth parliamentary workplace (CPW). Disclosing your experience to us, may help improve CPWs for all participants. The collective efforts of all those who work in CPWs will assist in building and maintaining a positive working environment into the future.

The PWSS is available to support you, and to listen. The PWSS has always accepted anonymous reports, however you can now do so through our website.

You can chose to use a pseudonym and can also choose to provide contact information on the form if you would like to receive follow up support from a case coordinator. The PWSS is available to support everyone who works in a CPW who has experienced a serious incident or workplace conflict that amounts to a work health and safety risk.

Our team of case coordinators are experienced and trained in providing trauma informed support and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone on 1800 747 977, email to and SMS on 0487 112 755.

The information collected in anonymous reports will be reviewed by a case coordinator and treated seriously and confidentially. The level of information supplied in an anonymous report will impact what action can be taken. A report will contribute to the understanding about issues in CPWs. Trends and emerging themes identified from anonymous reports can inform work undertaken by the PWSS to improve these workplaces, including education and support.

In limited circumstances, the PWSS may be required to disclose information included in anonymous reports to a third party, where disclosure is required by law. 

Bystander Reporting

Bystanders can play a key role in improving workplace culture by reporting unacceptable workplace behaviour they witness. Bystanders may also be significantly impacted by witnessing unacceptable workplace behaviour. Bystanders may choose to submit an anonymous report about what they have witnessed or to use a pseudonym, and can also choose to provide their contact information if they wish to be contacted by a case coordinator.

The PWSS is available to provide support to bystanders (including providing referrals to external services if required). The PWSS can also provide bystanders with practical steps about what they can do when witnessing unacceptable behaviours, including encouraging people directly affected or involved to approach PWSS directly for further support and assistance.


The PWSS stores complaints on its Case Management System. Access to this system is limited to PWSS officers.


This factsheet is also available as a downloadable resource: